Bumper Repair & Refinishing

The most common impact zones on vehicles today are the front and rear bumpers. Most bumpers today are constructed of a painted plastic. When plastic bumpers are damaged and taken to a traditional repair shop, again normal procedure is to replace the bumper. This costs the consumer anywhere from $650.00 to $1500.00 for replacement parts, refinishing cost, and installation. Not to mention your car being in the repair shop for 2-4 days.

Call the company that has set the industry standard for the repair and refinishing of plastic bumpers. The Doctors Touch Auto Paint Repair Express repairs and refinishes over 300 bumpers every day worldwide! We do these repairs at a cost savings of up to 70% less than traditional body shops. Plus with many repairs taking as little as 2-3 hours to complete, the majority of our bumper repairs are completed the same day! There is no need for the added expense for a rental car when using our service!

Call a proven bumper repair specialist; call The Doctors Touch!